For the organizers:

As an interpreting collective we commit ourselves to overcoming language barriers. We want to raise consciousness for how language and power are connected. This is why we introduce ourselves at the beginning of every event so that our interpretation is accessible and for the purpose of contributing to your (and our common) political struggles.

Interpreting is a rather exhausting and intense activity. This is why it’s important that we all try together to ensure good working conditions.

For you this means:

  • good communication before the event to make sure we are actually needed
  • some basic provisions (drinks and if it takes longer, some food) for 2 people per language
  • breaks (We are humans! :D)
  • at least two days in advance: material for preparation from the speakers and presenters (powerpoint, manuscripts, notes, etc)
  • a donation (for covering travel expenses and for technical equipment)
  • 3 minuts of your time at the beginning of your event for our introduction as a collective and for making the interpretation accessible to everybody

For the speakers:

We cannot work properly if we do not have any preparation material beforehand. Similarly, we cannot work properly if you read out a written text at light speed.

That’s why:

  • speak at moderate speed and look at the interpreter from time to time
  • if you speak freely it’s a lot easier for everybody
  • pronounce numbers and names clearly
  • explain abbreviations if they are not common knowledge
  • please send any preparation material (presentations, manuscripts, notes, etc) at least two days before the event so that we can be prepared. The material provided will be treated confidentially.