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+++ Please submit your requests as early as possible – AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance of the actual event! For large events that last several days and may include parallel workshops in several languages, it is important that you contact us at least 3 months in advance and involve us in the planning from the beginning. +++

In case you have any questions, ideas or criticism, please send us an email: interprise [at]
We are open to new members who are keen on emancipatory politics interpreting. If you have gone through our homepage, read our guidelines, if you agree to them and want to join, send us an email!


This form is helpful for us to get a general idea about your group and your event. If you find it too complicated or if you don’t know exactly what the questions are for, just send us an email and we will talk about the details.
IMPORTANT: before sending a request, make sure you have read and understood HOW WE WORK!


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