Past Events

Where and what we’ve interpreted:

17.11.2019 Commemorating Mölln in Exile, Frankfurt am Main –

01.-03.11.2019 Tribunal Resolving the NSU-Complex Chemnitz/Zwickau –

05.10.2019 Five Years “Stimme Magazin” –

28.09.2019 Ten Yeas Corasol –

10. + 16.08.2019 Soli Kommittee #LE1007 –

16.08.2019 Disarm Entwaffnen, info event Berlin –

14.08.2019 Talking about Revolution and Women in Sudan, Talk by Eiman Seifeldin

26.-29.07.2019 Building Bridges, Women in Exile Berlin

09.-15.07.2019 Transborder Summer Camp, France

26.02.2019 Seebrücke Leipzig, reading by Yamen Hussein

15.-17.02.2019 Feminist / Women’s* strike network meeting Germany –

09.02.2019 Workshop on multilingualism and interpretation, We’ll Come United

08.02.2019 Feminist strike mobilising event

02.-03.11.2018 kritnet XVII | (Un-)Doing Borders. Realities of the Border Regime – Utopias of the Freedom of Movement

06.-07.10.2018 Revolution in the Making – Women Weaving the Future

10.09.2018 Social Movements, “Rebellious City Halls” and Indepencence. What can we learn from Catalonia? – Konzeptwerk für Neue Ökonomie Leipzig

31.08.-02.09.2018 Tattoo Circus Zürich

24.07.2018 She*Claim, Event with two Mexican activists on the Topic of Feminicide, Berlin

23.-25.07.2018 Women in Exile Bustour stop Leipzig

10.-13.05.2018 We’ll Come United Conference Göttingen

28.04.2018 Paneldiscussion Parade for Freedom of Movement

21.04.2018 Right to the City Forum, Leipzig

20.04.2018 Presentation at the Schokofabrik, Berlin

19.04.2018 Series of Events on Flight and Migration – Routes through Marocco and Spain

16.03.2018 Panel Discussion: Solidarity with Affected of Racist Violence! – from claim to reality

25.02.2018 Feminist Action Group (Meeting)

21.02.2018 Sharing Unofficial Pictures: Film Kannouta and Talk

Januar und April 2018 – Afrique-Europe Interact Plenary

03.02.2018 Follow-up Meeting Tribunal Resolving the NSU-Complex

23.-26.11.2017 BFR Congress and CMMA Hamburg und

06.-08.10. 2017 Self determined and in Solidarity! Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis Women Breaking Borders: 15 WiE We are still getting loud!

17.-21.05.2017 Tribunal Resolving the NSU-Complex Cologne

28.-30.04.2017 Do it Yourself Congress Berlin

20.-23.04.2017 Antifashist Youth Congress Chemnitz

14.12.2016 interpRISE Workshop Planning and Realising Interpreted, Multilingual Events | Language is power. If you don’t […] | La langue, c’est du pouvoir. Celle qui n’a pas accès […] | Sprache ist Macht. Wer weder Zugang zu […]

20.-23.10. 2016 Future Workshop Community Media 2016

23.07.2016 Faetzig Camp

16.07.2016 Radical Bookfair Leipzig